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We pride ourselves in the production on Titanium Window Tinting of any type of glass, including COMMERCIAL and AUTO glass. We provide you with any glass replacements and also work though most insurance companies.

Welcome to Titanium Window Tint. We offer you
extreme protection through titanium tinting all types of glass including commercial and auto. Titanium window protection originates from the process titanium cathode and the machinery used in South Africa by Titanium Window Tint is the only one of its kind. It was developed in the early 1950s in the former USSR and applied to windows of the space ship “Mir”.

This space technology was and is necessary, to filter the radiation from the sun in space and especially once through the Earth's atmosphere.

  • No Foil used
• Reduces the heat - up to 70%
• Block UVA/UVB up to 100% Prevent skin aging / cancer
• Space technology
• Protect interior & dashboard
• Different shades - same price

I would just like to say, this place has the most awesomeness service and extremely friendly staff. I had to take my car in for tinting the new front left pasenger window. took my car in at 12:15PM, at 15:00 i followed up and was advised that they are busy assembling everything and they also re-tinted the driver side window, no extra charge as part of the waranty. Best service ever and would recommend them any time to anyone.
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